We understand that sucking is usually a normal instinct which babies and small kids have. They might use fingers, pacifiers, or other things for this intent. It helps make them happy and secure during this phase and it especially relaxes little ones before going to sleep. But, this can lead to serious concerns in jaw development and also in teeth positioning if the thumb sucking persists even after the eruption of permanent teeth. This will lead to minor or maybe more serious dental and jaw problems, based on how extreme and regular the sucking is, that can be remedied by orthodontic procedure. Early orthodontic treatment might be performed by a pediatric dentist to protect against jaw problems as well as further malpositioning of teeth in children.

In most cases, children give up this practice naturally in between ages of two and four. Utilizing pacifiers isn’t going to prevent harm that thumb sucking can cause. The effect is almost the same. The primary difference would be that sucking with pacifier can be controlled not like thumb sucking. It is ideal to seek the advice of your pediatric dentist for early orthodontic treatment alternatives that may aid your toddler in the event the thumb sucking continues and if it is intense. Intense thumb sucking may eventually lead to jaw problems.

As children often suck their fingers and thumb when they feel insecure, determining the source of anxiety and eliminating it will almost certainly make the sucking to end. It will also be a great strategy to reward the little children if they are not sucking, mainly while in some difficult times or stress-filled moments for them (being separated from parents for a short time, for example). When visiting your pediatric dentist, he should persuade your young child to quit sucking and also aim to clarify to him in easy terms exactly what might happen to him if he persists with this practice and also what procedures are going to be required. In the event all of these don’t work, maybe you might consider bandaging the thumb or placing a sock on the hand during sleep to keep the young child from sucking.

If this habit does not go away before the appearance of permanent front teeth, the results may possibly cause bad bite caused by jaw problems as well as misplacement of the permanent teeth (mainly the front teeth) leading them to protrude which, in turn, can cause even more harm to your little one’s dental health. Talk to your pediatric dentist on what the best early orthodontic treatment is to remedy your baby’s thumb sucking if it continues and is serious in nature.


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